Frequently Asked Questions

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These are the most common questions people have about ChangeBowl. If you have a question that is not answered here, send an email to . During the week, we generally reply within just a few hours.

Yes! ChangeBowl uses Plaid to link your account. When you link your bank account through Plaid, ChangeBowl never sees or receives any of your bank account access information. Plaid has connected tens of millions of people to apps in North America. They work with Venmo, American Express and Fannie Mae just to name a few. Bottom line, it’s just as safe as logging into your own bank account online.

ChangeBowl doesn’t look at your individual transactions to determine what “counts” and what doesn’t. We just look at the number of times money leaves your linked bank account and multiply that by your chosen contribution amount. Remember, your contribution will never exceed your chosen monthly contribution limit. So, whether you’re paying your mortgage, transferring funds to another account or paying for something with a debit card that pulls funds from your linked account, each instance counts as a transaction. You’ll see one withdrawal monthly for the combined amount.

No. Credit cards charge higher transaction fees and the goal is for your chosen organization to get the most efficient fundraising.

Plaid, the bank linking technology, works with the vast majority of banks in the USA, but not all of them. Please link a different bank account, or check back in a month or two. Plaid updates the banks they work with all the time.

Just log into and you can adjust your settings at any time. Be aware that any change you make, up or down, will apply to the full calendar month as if you made the change on the first day of the month.

All non-profits have costs associated with fundraising. It takes time and money to do the accounting of donations. Without a small minimum amount, those costs can’t be covered with money left over to fund their good work.

Just log into ChangeBowl and go to your profile. Cancelling is easy. Look for the link that says, “Deactivate your account” and follow the steps. You can come back at any time!

Send an email to Do NOT send your bank account information, just let us know you want to make this change. We will make a manual adjustment to unlink your existing account and then send you instructions on how to link your new account.